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Mt. Kenya Guides and Porters Safari Club is a community based organization of guides, porters and cooks in and around NaroMoru, at the foot of Mount Kenya. We offers direct services to mt Kenya trekkers, hikers and climbers and thus create job opportunities to our members and other Kenyans.We play a key role in the community as services booked or paid through us benefit the society directly.

Our expertise is reflected in our dependability and extensive knowledge of wilderness skills, which have been gained through special training from organized institutions. This enhances the clients' safety. Our experience spans over the 40 years that we have been in the field with environment-friendly approach to all activities on Mount Kenya. We always participate in mountain clean up yearly.


We have qualified porters who have wealthy experience with Mt. Kenya treks. They have good communication and first aid skills. This is a team that plays a very crucial role by assisting you in carrying your luggage, food materials and the cooking equipment. In case of rescue operation, they are of great assistance as they literally carry you, the victim and the belongings to safety.


Our guides are extremely qualified with long experience in trekking and technical climbing graduating from leadership school and participating in Mountain rescue.


Our cooks have Jungle experience for proper preparation of the meals, including setting up a suitable diet to cater for all, at your own comfort and satisfaction, also catering for vegetarian diets. Our cooks ensure an efficient service.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that our clients' aspirations are achieved by offering a value added and efficient service. By doing so we hope that our clients are fully satisfied and will return to us again and again.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be leaders in our heritage by offering dependable, efficient and reliable services in turn we hope that this will result in good returns that will help us to eradicate poverty in the area. On conserving this important heritage to outdoor enthusiasts, Mount Kenya has its own unique and delicately balanced ecological system. It hosts irreplaceable, vulnerable flora and fauna. Therefore it is our prime concern that the natural beauty of this environment is to be conserved and maintained. We and all our visitors are therefore obliged to respect and protect this fragile ecosystem.

Photograph taken by Martin Mergili
Development in Cooperation with the Institute of Geography of the University of Innsbruck, Austria. Project Leader: A.o.Prof. Dr. Ernst Steinicke
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