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Mt. Kenya Planning Acclimatisation Health & Safety
Equipment Environment

Few mountains in the world give such quick access to high altitudes as Mount Kenya. Altitude sickness is very common, and as many as 25% of people attempting Lenana on a brief visit fail for this reason. Fitness is no help, indeed it can even be a handicap as the fittest tend to push on ignoring the first symptoms until they get a very bad dose. A sensible approach to acclimatization can help a great deal. For visitors to the country it is wise to visit the mountain after a spell in some of higher parts of Kenya and not direct from sea level. A day spent exploring the forests and heath around the road heads can make a big difference as well as being worthwhile in its own right.

Mt. Kenya
Photograph taken by Martin Mergili
Development in Cooperation with the Institute of Geography of the University of Innsbruck, Austria. Project Leader: A.o.Prof. Dr. Ernst Steinicke
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